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Defibrillatore Semiautomatico iPAD CU-SP1

Semi-automated Defibrillator iPAD CU-SP1

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Semi-automated Defibrillator iPAD CU-SP1, 5 years capacity battery, Adults Electrode Pads included/Pediatrics Electrode Pads pre-installed +Defibrillator Carry Cases (5 years warranty).


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Short Description: 

The manufacturing company is based in Korea, known for being in the lead in the medical sector  and defibrillator sector. For what concerns the build quality it is close to perfection. It has a guiding voice that can self-regulate depending on external noises and sounds. The carrying protective bag is particular and the defibrillator has an extraordinary visual impact. 

Why to buy it: This is the best choice for who is looking for a product of high quality at the right price and low maintencance costs. It is recomended if the defibrillator is to be placed outside in the presence of adults and children under 8 years old. The switch button from adult to pediatric mode is the ideal for saving time and money. 

Ready anywhere at anytime.

 The I-PAD CU-SP1 is designed for non-healthcare workers.  

It has a guiding voice that can be easily understood during the rescue operation and that can self-regulate depending on external noises and sounds. Just think about places like stations, airports, stadiums, swimming pools, supermarkets, gyms, schools.

It can detect if the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) has been executed or not. If not, it gives the instructions to proceed guiding the procedure.

Thanks to the innovative SMART PADS system, the electrode paddles are already connected and are located in a specific compartment in the lower part of the defibrillator. Thanks to an indicator on the display panel, we can know if the pads are correctly connected and when their expiration date is. 

It is lightweight, battery powered to ensure the maximum portability.

Technical Characteristics:

- Model: Cu-Sp1
- Energy output: Adults 150 J, Children 50 J
- Charging time: less than 8 seconds
- Charging time after the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is finished: at least 8 seconds

User interface:
- User support: Detailed vocal instructions and visual indicators.
- CPR Guide: voice guide for CPR on adults and children
- Buttons: on/off, shock button, I button
- Indicators:  Liquid Crystal Display fot the device status, battery condition, electrodes status (expiration date and connection)

-  CPR Monitor
-  Automatic volume control


Data and recording transmission:

- Port IrDa: wireless trasmission to computers or to SD card

- SD Card Slot – For data transmissions  via SD cards (optional)
- Internal Memory: 5 events / maximum 3 hours 
- Data manager software: CU-EX1 Software (for PC)

Analysis System:
- Patient-analysis: heart rate analysis, ventricular fibrillation analysis, ventricular tachycardia analysis.

- Sensibility/Specifity: AAMI DF80 Guiding line

- DC 12 Volt 4.2Ah, Lithium Manganese Dioxide
- Capacity - Minimum 100 shocks (150J)
- Battery life: 5 years, the conditions are specified by the manufacturer.

- Expiration date: 30 months ( starting with the manufacturing date )

Physical characteristics:

Dimensions 260 × 256 × 69,5 (mm) (Length, Depth, Height) Weight about. 2,4 kg battery and electrodes included.


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