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JOUSING iAED-S1 is a semiautomatic defibrillator for adults and children (>8 years, >25 kg body weight), easy to use, lightweight, intuitive and reliable, with 5-year battery capacity, including Adult Electrodes + carrying bag with rescue kit (razor, scissors, gloves,) (5-year battery warranty 2 years device).IP-54

Sizes: 198mm×197mm×67mm

Weight: 2 kg (including battery and plates)

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The iAED-S1 is an easy-to-use, lightweight, intuitive and reliable semiautomatic external defibrillator with a 5 years long battery life or 200 discharges and pre-wired pads housed in a special compartment for a always rready to use device. 

It is the ideal for indoor or outdoor environments, for hospitals by first aiders or healthcare professionals or inexperienced people.

The device, connected to the patient, automatically acquires and analyses the patient's ECG to detect the presence of a rhythm, and in the event of a cardiac arrest, guides the operator through the rescue procedure with audiovisual orders. 

If a shockable rhythm is detected, the device charges automatically, and the defibrillation discharge is delivered when the operator presses the discharge button. 

A rescue kit (with scissors, gloves and razor) is included in its unique hard carry case, as well as pre-connected adult/child (>8 years old, >25 kg body weight) disposable pads for fast and efficient operation. 

The iAED-S1 performs daily, weekly and monthly self-tests.

If it detects an error/fault status or a low battery level, it warns the user through the flashing status indicator and the sequence of acoustic signals.

Thanks to the innovative flashing status indicator, iAED-S1 allows the user to know at any time whether it is ready for use.

iAED-S1 can resist falls from 1 meter and 22 cm on any edge, angle or surfaces.

It has also been designed with millimeter precision to withstand splashing, drops and dust.

The iAED-S1 records operating data in the internal memory, including ECG data, events and self-test data.

Standard equipment:

iAED-S1 unit;

LiMnO2 12V battery, 4.2ah - 5 years life or 200 discharges;

Couple of disposable adults/ children (>8 years, >25kg.) elecrtodes;

Rigid carrying bag;

Verification report CEI 62-13 EN 60601-2-4;

User manual in Italian;

Declaration of conformity;

EC certificate;

Technical characteristics:

Conditions of use: Semi-automatic

Waveform: BTE - Truncated exponential biphasic. Waveform parameters automatically adapt to patient impedances

Discharge energy: 150J rated delivered on a 50 ohm impedance load

Step discharge energy: 150J-150J-150J

Use: Adults and Children older than or equal to 8 years or weights more than 25 kg (55 lbs)

User interface: Detailed voice instructions, sound alerts and light indications on the device

Recommended discharge charging time: 7s with a new battery installed

sizes: 198mm 197mm 67mm

Weight: 2 kg (including battery and plates)

Protection class: IP54

Temperature and relative humidity: In operation (with battery and plates installed): 0℃~50℃, 5%~95%RH (without condensation); Standby (Not operating) (with battery and electrodes installed): 5℃~35℃, 5%~95% RH(without condensation); Storage/Shipping (with battery and plates installed): -30℃~65℃ up to 24 ore, 5%~95% RH (non-condensing)

Altitude: 0 to 15000 feet

Impact/drop tolerance: 1 meter and 22 cm on any edge, angle or surface

Battery: 5 years warranty

Maximum number of discharges: 200 discharges

Battery type: 12VDC,4.2ah battery, LiMnO2

Battery capacity: New battery ≥ 200 discharges (20℃±2℃); New battery ≥100 discharges (0℃±2℃);

Battery life: 200 discharges or 18 hours of ECG monitoring with new battery

Electrodes expiry date: 29-30 months

Defibrillation electrodes type: Self-adhesive gel, disposable, latex-free

Electrodes cable length: 120cm±12cm

Active gel surface: 120cm±12cm, each

Data Transfer: JouReview Software

Communication: Bluetooth

Data documentation: ECG data, event log, self-test data

Internal memory: 40 minutes of ECG analysis, two complete events

Auto-Test Program: Start, daily, weekly, monthly

Manual Auto-Test Function: Manual auto-test when the battery is inserted

Class (93/42/EEC): IIB

Type of patient isolation: BF

Contraindications and warnings:

Carefully read the instruction manual included in the device.


Keep the device in a dry place and do not expose it to direct sunlight.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.

Follow the temperatures recommended by the device manufacturer.

Refer to the user manual for more informations.

Maintenance and cleaning:

Refer to the instruction manual for more information.

Clean the device with a slightly damp cloth of a simple disinfectant.

Warning: Do not dive the device in water or liquids.

Method of disposal:

Dispose of the device in compliance with current legislations on environmental protection and separate collection.


2 years device, 5 years battery.

The producer reserves the right to make technical changes without prior notice.

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