Defibrillatore Semiautomatico HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P

Semi-automatic HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P Defibrillator

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HeartSine Samaritan Pad 350P Defibrillator includes: adults Pad-Pak (electode pads and battery) 3,5 years capacity, connection PC cable and carrying bag (10 years warranty) IP56



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Short description: This product, chosen by global institutions like NATO, WHITE HOUSE and the EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT boasts lot of patents that makes it unique, such as the bifasic wave SCOPE that modulates the power output based on the patient's impedance. The PAD-PAK's tape drive that merges electrode and battery.

The Heartsine, the manufacturing company, founded by John Anderson, pioneer in the medical's defibrillations (1967), it's one of the most trustworthy product in the world. HeartSine has made this defibrillator with high quality product so that it can provide a 10 years long warranty (the only one in the world). It's a specifically indicated product for cardio-protect in any type of environment and can be aeasily carried.  The usage of the PAD-PAK allows to save you a lot of money on the operating costs. At these prices it's definitely a great purchase!

Warranty: 10 years, provided by the manufacturer with entire or partial renewal of the device.

Main distinctive features

Featureof the Samaritan PAD 350P HeartSine:

Solid, with remarkable effectiveness

PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT. Leightweight, only 1,1 kg, and 56% smaller than the others portable defibrillators.

Highest level protection from dust/humidity.  The samaritan PAD defibrillator boasts of a IP56 protection index guaranteering the maximum level of protection (350P) from dust and moisture infiltractions.

Sturdy.  The samaritan PAD 350P has impact and vibration resistance, boasts of IP56 protection, the maximum level of protection against the risk of dust and moisture infiltration. It has a 10 years warranty, to demonstrate the reliability of this high quality device. 

Advanced Technology.  The samaritan PAD 350P Defibrillator uses: a patented electrode pads technology, an advanced and stable firmware and the biphasic SCOPE™* technology (a wave form that automatically adjusts to the patient's different impedance and low-energy use) to evaluate the rhytm and the release of electric shocks as necessary.


The Self-Compensating Output Pulse Envelope technology automatically compensates the energy, slope and offsets the patient's impulse

Voice and visual commands easy to follow

Easy.  Samaritan PAD 350P foresees vocal and visual commands easy to understand, to guide the user through the CPR process, coaching includeed. Three big icons, easily visible, simplify the rescue process: " Connect the electrode pads" " Do not touch the patient" and "It's possible to touch the patient" 

Activation through  just two buttons.  You use only two buttons, ON/OFF e SHOCK, for the maximum ease of use.

Ready anywhere anytime. The indicator (System Status Ready) flashes to indicate that the system is working and ready to use. The device automatically runs  a weekly checking.


A real economy for a real world 

Two components a single expiry date. The Pad-Pak™ shell includes battery and electrode pads, with a single expiry date to keep an eye on.

Reduced cost. With a 4 years shelf life from manufacturing date, the Pad Pak guarantees significant savings compared to others defibrillators that require the separated use of batteries and electrode pads.

It protects both adults and childrenThe paedriatic Pad Pak, unique and smart, embedded in the PAD HeartSine defibrillator, available for children aged 1-8 (weight < 25 kg) provides the proper  intensity  release of electric shocks for children.

Updates.  Easy to update in accordance with the most recents AHA/ERC guide lines.


Physical ( Pad-Pak™ inserted)


20 cm x 18,4 cm x 4,8 cm (8,0 in x 7,25 in x 1,9 in)

weight ( Pad-Pak battery included):

1,1 kg (2,4 lb)


Wave form:

Bifasic wave form. A patented electrode pads technology, an advanced and stable firmware and the biphasic SCOPE™* technology (a wave form that automatically adjusts to the patient's different impedance and low-energy use) to evaluate the rhytm and the release of electric shocks as necessary.

Electric Shocks Choice


Shock 1: 150J;   Shock 2: 150J;   Shock 3: 200J

Paediatric mode:

Shock 1: 50J;    Shock 2: 50J;    Shock 3: 50J

Charging time

New Battery:

Normally 150J in < 8 seconds, 200J in < 12 seconds

After 6 shocks:

Normally 150J in < 8 seconds, 200J in < 12 seconds

Patient analysis system


It considers the patient's ECG, the signal quality, the integrity of the electrode pads and the patient's impedance in order to determine the eventual possibility of using the defibrillator. 


in accordance with ISO 60601-2-4

Environmental factors


from 0°C to 50°C (from +32°F to +122°F)

Transport temperature:

from –10°C to 50°C (from 14°F to 122°F) for a maximum of two days.  It's necessary to get the device to standy temperature/exercise 24 h before the usage

relative humidity:

from 5% to 95% (without condensation)

water resistance:

IEC 60529/EN 60529 IP56


from 0 to 4.575 m (from 0 to 15.000 feet)


MIL STD 810F Method 516.5, Procedure I (40G’s)


MIL STD 810F Method 514.5+Category 4 truck transport – US' highways Categoria 7 Airplane – Jet 737 e general aviation (esposition)


EN 60601-1-2

Emission of radiations:


RF immunity shocks:

EN61000-4-3 80MHZ-2.5GHZ (10V/m)

Magnetic fields immunity:

EN61000-4-8 (3 A/m)


RTCA/DO-160F, Section 21 (Category M)

Height of drop:

1 m (3,5 f)

Event's documentation


internal memory

storage capacity:

90 m of ECG (complete visualization) and recording of the event/accident

playback capabilities:

personalized USB cable connected directly to the PC and detection data softwareWindows EVO SaverÔ

Used materials


ABS, Santoprene


Hydrogel, Silver, Aluminium and Polyester

Pad-Pak —battery and electrode pads

Adults Pad-Pak (Pad-Pak-01/Pad-Pak-03)
Paediatric Pad-Pak (Pad-Pak-02/Pad-Pak-04)

shelf life

4 years from the date of production


0,2 kg (0,44 lb)


10 cm x 13,3 cm x 2,4 cm (3,93 in x 5,24 in x 0,94 in)


lithium and manganese dioxide (LiMnOdioxide2)


> 60 scariche elettriche a 200J18V, 1,5 Amp/ora

Elctrode pads:

the samaritan®HeartSine disposable cartdriges for the defibrillation are provided for each device


lateral anterior (adults); front back (peediatric use)

Active gel area:

100 cm2 (15,5 in2)

cable lenght:

1 m (3,5 feet)

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