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LIFEPAK CR-2  DEFIBRILLATOR includes: 4 years capacity Battery, Adult/Pediatric Electrodes and Wi-Fi. 360J 8 years warranty provided by the manufacturer

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Short Description:  The last born in Physio-Control's and already on the market, it represents the future of cardio-protection. It enecapsulates in a single product the best technology applied on all defibrillators now on the market suck as the Adult/Pediatric switch button, quik-step electrodes,RCP feedback, ClearVoice, discharges up to 360J,  bi-lingual switch button, water seepage resistance IPX5 and add innovative solutions that makes it unique, the free operational  LIFELINKcentral which allows , thanks to wireless connectivity and/or 3G integrated, mapping and remote control of defibrillator status, sendind notifications for electrodes expiration date, battery status, any failures, moving DAE from your home and free automatic software updates.

Thanks to the unique cprINSIGHT technology, the LIFEPAK CR-2 is also able to perform the analysis of the heart rhythm without having to interrupt the chest compressions and guide the operator to a proper cardiac massage on the patient (including pediatric) giving precise indications on the frequency and depth of chest compressions, a real revolution!

Very easy to use, the LIFEPAK CR-2 is able to communicate with the LIFENET system (if active) of the healthcare system, so that ambulance operators can receive details of discharges, ECG of the patient and more before getting there.

Benefits are noticeable!


Why to buy it: The real question is: Why don't buy it? Yes, the price is obviously higher than other products, but given the level of technology offered this aspect is to be considered extremely interesting.

The LIFEPAK CR-2 is the ideal defibrillator for achieving  cardio protection projects of public access or company's with different locations or sites, but also recommended for those who want for their own environment the maximum technology and design putting the price into the background.



WARRANTY: 8 years, provided by the manufacturer excluding electrodes and battery.


Wave form: Exponential biphasic truncated with voltage compensation and duration depending on the patient’s impedance.

Patient impedance interval: 10 – 300 ohm

Energy accuracy:
10% of the energy setting at 50 ohm
15% of the rated power supply at 25 – 175 ohm

Output energy sequence: Multiple levels, configurable from 150 jouleto  360 joule.

Default energy: 200J, 300J, 360J (adult) 50J, 75J, 90J (pediatric)

Sistema Shock Advisory: The ECG analysis system, indicates whether a discharge is appropriate or not; complies with rhythm recognition criteria specified in IEC 60601-2-4.

 cprINSIGHT analys technology: It allows the defibrillator to analyze the patient’s heart rate during CPR delivery. CPR feedback system: Instructions for CPR for adult and pediatric patients, including feedback on when CPR is detected, correct frequency and depth guidance, a metronome, and instructions on hand positioning

Timing of discharges after the CPR 360J(with cprINSIGHT enabled):

  • Semi-automatic: < 7 seconds
  • Fully automatic: < 13 seconds

Recharge time: 0 seconds for the first discharge at 150J or at 200J (pre loaded device). With enabled cprINSIGHT, the subsequent discharges will be loaded during the CPR and ready for administration at the end of the CPR period.


Open-close cover/ON-OFF: Controls the power supply of the device

DISCHARGE button (semiautomatic version ): Provides defibrillation energy when pressed by the user. 

Discharge button (fully automatic version): It flashes before discharge, without the need of user intervention.

Child mode button: Allows the operator to switch to child mode, with reduced energy and guidance for the appropriate CPR for children.

Language button: Allows the operator to switch from first to second language, in the optional multilingual configuration

Electrical protection: Input protected against high voltage defibrillation pulses in accordance with IEC 60601-1/EN 6060601-1.

Safety classification: Internal powered equipment. IEC 60601-1/ EN 60601-1.

User interface

User Interface:The user interface includes voice instructions and sound alertes.

 ClearVoice™ Technology: The volume adjusts according to the noise level of the surrounding environment.

Device status indicators: Acoustic and visual indicators, indicating the availability of the system (device, pads and battery).

Environmental Data

Note: All defined performance specifications assume that the device has been stored (for a minimum of two hours) at the operating temperature before usage. Operating temperature: from 0° to 50° C.

Storage temperature: from -30° to +60° C with battery and electrodes; maximum time of exposure limited to one week.

Long term storage: Alaways store the defibrillator within the recommended temperature range, from 15°C to 35°C.

Height: from -382 to 4572 m.

Relative Humidity: from 5 to 95% (non condensing).

Water resistance: IEC 60529/EN 60529 IPX5 with connected electrodes and installled battery

Dust resistance: IEC 60529/EN 60529 IP5X with connected electrodes and installled battery.

Discharge: MIL-STD-810F, Method 516.4, Procedure 1, (40g, wrist 6-9 ms, 1/2 chest each axes).

Vibrations: MIL-STD-810F, Method 514.4, helicopter – category 6 (3,75 Grms) and land mobile – category 8 (2,85 Grms)

Physical Characteristics

with handle, electrodes and battery:

Heght: 9,7 cm
Widht: 22,6 cm
Depht: 27,4 cm
Weight: 2,0 kg

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