Defibrillatore Semiautomatico TECNOHEART Plus

Semi-automatic Defibrillator TECNOHEART Plus

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Semi-automatic Defibrillator TECNOHEART Plus, 5 years battery capacity, with adults/pediatrics Electrode Pads pre-installed+ carrying bag (5 years warranty)



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SHORT DESCRIPTION: Exclusively made for TECNO-GAZ Industries, Italian leader producer since 1979 for dental medical products market, aesthetic products market, veterinary products market and sports products market. It combines the innovation and the reability of the “Made in Korea” technology and the safety of an important italian brand, an unique blend! This product of the latest generation (200J), thanks to the Adult/Paediatric switch button, has the peculiar possibility of using the same electrode pads for both adults and children, at a single price. It turns on opening the lid, and is extremely simple  to use. A highlight: the handle IS the battery, that's amazing! ISN'T IT?

WHY TO BUY IT: This is a product of the latest generation, it reaches perfection from the constructive point of view. It can release 200J from the first discharge. The adult/paediatric switch button and the high endurance to external agents  (IP54) make it suitable for any type of use. Highly recommended in the presence of children under 8 years old. Very good quality/price ratio and extremely easy to use.

Lightweight and compact, ready use for use anywhere anytime.

An outstanding capacity perfomance, elegant design, high technical properties and affordable price make the TECNOHEART Plus Defibrillator the ideal product for gyms and schools that must be equipped with a Semi-automatic Defibrillator.

Easy to use, especially by non health care professional. You only need to open the front cover (it protects the electrodes, the action icons, the patient mode button, button discharge) and it turns on automatically giving luminous vocal instructions that guide the operator during the rescue operations.

It is equipped with pre-linked electrode pads for both adults and children, with the aim to speed up the procedure without running the risk of losing valuable time by changing the electrode pads.

 It is powered by a high permonance, long lasting lithium battery, no service in required. An indicator determines the level of the battery.

  General Technical Specifications

Defibrillation Shock Accessories' Specifications                                          

Biphasic Truncated Waveform Exponential (BTE)

(impedance compensation)

Electrodes: Adults/Paediatrics
Energy, Adult: from 185 to 200J (±5%) standby-life 2 years from the date of production
Paedriatic: from 45 to 50J (±5%) Single-use electrode
Way of funcioning Semi-Automatic Adult's position: anterior-lateral
Paediatric: anterior-posteriore
ECG Minimum area of adhesive gel 80 cm2 +/-5%
Origin II (RA, LL) Wire lenght about 1,8 m
The patient's impedance from 25 to 175 Ohm
Heart race From 20 to 300 by the minute Precision 1 by the minute Ambient conditions
Detection V/F over 200 μV V/T over 160 by the minute Operating temperature: From 0 to 43°C (From 32 to 109,4°F) Conservation: From 0 to 43°C (From 32 to 109,4°F)
Connector attachment Confirmation of the connection and voice messages output Relative Humidity from 5 to 95% RH (Non-condensing)
Filter From 0,5 to 30 Hz
Controls: Type LiMnO2, single use, Long lasting primary cell Voltage/Payload 15V, 4200 mAh
Standard sliding Botton, Shock botton, Patient mode Botton Expiry date (in the original package) 2 years from thr date of production
Detection V/F over 200 μV V/T over 160 by the minute standby-life ( DAE inserted) 5 years from thr date of production
Connector attachment Confirmation of the connection and voice messages output Shock: Minimum 200 electrical discharge (RCP period excluded between the defibrillations) or 10 working hours at 20°C.
Filter from 0,5 to 30 Hz
Ambient conditions
Indications Operating temperature: from 0 to 43°C (from 32 to 109,4°F) Conservation: from 0 to 43°C (from 32 to 109,4°F)
Standard sliding Botton, Shock botton, Patient mode Botton Ambient conditions from 5 to 95% U.R. (non condensant)
ICON indicators, LCD Status (unit status, battery status, temperature status), LED ( patient mode LED) Acustic signal Loudspeaker (voice messaging), Bip  (RCP's indicator)
 Physical features
Size 240 × 294 × 95 (mm) (L×H×W) Weight Ca. 2,65 kg battery included, electrode pads excluded


Ambient conditions

Functioning Autotest
Temperature from 0 to 43°C (from 32 to 109,4°F) every24 hours, 1 week, 1 month
Relative humidity From 5 to 95% U.R. (non-condensante)  Ignition Autotest, battery inserction Autotest 
Altitude From 0 to 4,475 m Test results, status indicator LCD shows “O”/ “X”.
Acceleration: 100 G (+/- 10%)
Time: 6 msec Backup e data communications
Number of shocks: 3 times/axis(6 axis (+/- X, Y, Z) Standard SD card, infrared communication port
frequency virations: From 10Hz to 2000Hz
Acceleration : from10 Hz to 100 Hz: 5,0 (m/s²)²/Hz
from 100 Hz to 200 Hz: -7 dB per eighth
from 200 Hz to 2000 Hz: 1,0 (m/s²)²/Hz
Height of drop 1m
Water seepage and dust resistance
IP54 (IEC60529)
Conservation (in the shipping box)
Temperature From -20 to 60°C (from -4 to 10140°F)
relative humidity from 5 to 95% U.R. (non condensant)
Height from 0 to 12.192 m

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