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XFT-120C+ AED TRAINER: every BLSD instructor's ultimate choice

Even the European Resuscitation Council ERC has chosen the XFT-120C+ AED TRAINER to realize the new official video on the 2015 guidelines:

Find out why the XFT-120C+ AED Trainer is the world best-selling teaching defibrillator:

  • it's the only training device with an universal design that allows an efficient and realistic training by using any defibrillator model on the market
  • it's equipped with electrode pads and indipendent connencting cables that allows to considerably reduce the replacement consumables costs, allowing the user to only buy the component that has deteriorated due to the use
  • it's possible to use it with adults/pediatrics training electrodes, that can be reused multiple times thanks to the great adhesive system and the protective films that preserve the electrodes grip during non-use times.
  • it's powered by 3 common AA batteries that allows hours of usage and an easy and economic replacement. Also, the power supply unit included in delivery allows to compensate an unexpected state of low battery
  • it's dotated of a convenient remote that allows the instructor a better device handling with the presence of 10 formative scenarios editable thanks to the function buttons that can affect the outcome of rhytm analysis and simulate accidental events such as the device malfunctioning, the battery status, the electrode pads misplacement on the patient's chest.
  • it's provided of a comfortable carrying bag with fastner by zipper that can contain the training unit and all the accessories
  • it's provided of a Plug-In Card already present in the device, that allows the device update in case of change of the International Guide Lines. It also has bi-lingual vocal messages switchable by the specific selection button.
  • it's small and lightweight, it can be easily placed in the trainer manikin carrying bag, usually used for training. This facilitates the instructors' work that makes training courses even outside their training center.

Main Features: 

- Conforming to the New Guide Lines AHA/ERC 2015

- Availability of 10 pre-installed simulating scenarios

- clear voice commands in italian and english language (with switch mode selection)

- Luminous and acoustic metronome with RCP support with 100 bpm frequency  (AHA/ERC 2015)

- Simulation with both pre-connected electrode pad and with inserction of the connector after positioning the electrodes on the manikin (selectable with the switchable button on the controller).

- Simulation of both semi-automatic and full-automatic functionality (selectable with the switchable button on the controller).

- possibility of set the metronome rhytm supporting the rcp to 100 or 120 bpm

- Possibility of choose between RCP standard course (visual and acoustic indications supporting the compressions) or advanced (30 indications of compressions and 2 indications of ventilations with a longer acoustic sound)

- Possibility of interrupt the RCP cycle at any time and go back to the analysis phase of the cardiac rhytm

- Possibility of setting the luminous and acoustic metronome or just luminous metronome

- battery powered or with power supply unit (included in delivery)

- Adult/Pediatric electrode pads, with separeted system connection

- Audio output for speakers or headphones, perfect for mass trainings or outdoor simulations

- infrared remote control for handling 10 preset scenarios + accidental events (low battery, device malfunctioning, electrode pads malfunctioning, etc.)

-the practical nylon cover with zipper has a transparent front pocket with customizable identification plate

- Dimensions: 190 x 150 x 46 mm

- One year manufacturer wattanty (consumables and accessories excluded) + 24 months against any defect of conformity 

- The lowest purchase and utilisation price available on the market: XFT-120C+ AED Trainer costs less than the 50% of anyother didactic defibrillator available on the market and his consumables cost a tenth of anyother AED Trainer available on the market.

- Possibility of language and RCP protocol updates by replacing the plug-in card

- Certifications: CE e EN61000-6-3, EN61000-6-1, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3

Tecnhnical sheet:

Model : XFT-120C+ AED Trainer by Sofrapa Healthcare 

Power supply: DC 4.5V - 3 x AA batteries (non rechargeable)

Dimensions: 190 x 150 x 46 mm

Infrared remote

Power supply: DC 3V - 2 x AAA batteries (non rechargeable)

Content of the pack:

o    didactic unit XFT-120C+ AED Trainer complete with pre-installed Plug-In Card

o   remote control

o   soft carrying case with zipper

o   3 pairs of adult electrode pads

o   2 pairs of pediatric electrode pads

o   1 pair of connection cable for adult electrode pads (yellow connector)

o   1 pair of connection cable for pediatric electrode pads (pink connector)

o    power supply unit

o   user manual in italian

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